Audit Services

HTP Global Technologies is Global Business and IT Consulting Company based in India having offices in Asia, Middle East & Africa through partner, with a strong focus on research and development. This is delivered in the form of world-class advisory and assurance services to large and medium size enterprises that require a true independent measurement of security compliance, and who need specialist advice to improve their overall information security stance. We are a trusted partner providing clients with on-going assurance services and advice to support informed decision making regarding security and risk for their business. HTP Global Technologies helps design security into the organisational practices rather than through tactical or technological solutions.

The security landscape continues to evolve, as organisations look to prevent and protect against increasingly sophisticated network threats, meet stringent compliance and industry regulations, and achieve an overall robust security posture commensurate with your organisation’s risks.

auditHTP Global Technologies can help you evaluate your existing security practices in the context of your requirements and future objectives, including technical and business considerations. We can help you make informed decisions about allocating your funds and resources to manage security risks, ultimately resulting in a more secure environment and enabling greater business value for your enterprise.

In the recent research reports that have shown 80% of security breaches occur only through application layer. HTP Global Technologies consultants are fully capable of testing wide range of applications including ecommerce systems, trading systems, general web application, data entry application and content management systems to identify the threats within your application and ensure that there will be no malicious or accidental actions could result in financial loss, affect market reputation or breach of regulatory compliance. We use the industry proven methodologies and best of breed assessment tools to identify all vulnerabilities that can be exploited. A comprehensive report provided by our consultants will list all the vulnerabilities discovered, their risk scores and the mitigation procedures to employ better controls for improved security.

Assessment Methodology

Assessments are a way to increase information technology (IT) security for the Customer. Assessments are done in cooperation with the system owners and are helpful in making the system owners aware of IT security issues that may exist with their assets. The assessment methodology is a six step process.

Assessment Planning

This includes initial research of customer’s policies and procedures, applicable laws, and security best practices. Then the Information Security Office (ISO) creates a scope document, which is then signed by the system owner. The ISO next determines an assessment strategy– the what and how–and creates an assessment checklist.

Entrance Conference

In the entrance conference management, system owner(s), system administrator(s), and ISO assessment team should be in attendance. The scope document will be covered at this meeting as well as the assessment process, assessment roles, and the time frame for the assessment.


Fieldwork is done in a systematic manner according to the previously developed checklist. The ISO reports new issues in a timely and professional manner to the system owner/administrator as defined in the scope document. The ISO also documents all security issues and includes them in the assessment report delivered at the end of the assessment.

Preparing the Report

  • Preparing the Report

Executive Summary

  • Describe the purpose of the assessment.
  • Describe the scope of the assessment.
  • Findings and recommendations


  • A draft report should be reviewed and commented on by the system owner/administrator prior to the exit conference.

Exit Conference

  • Management, system owner(s), system administrator(s), and the assessment team should attend the exit conference. The conference will accomplish.

Review report

  • Assign tasks for remediation/mitigation Establish schedule for future assessments

Report to Management

  • The report to management will include a presentation of the executive summary and the status of mitigation/remediation efforts followed by discussion and/or questions.


  • Careful examination of all application vulnerabilities based on CIA (confidential, integrity and availability) triads.
  • Thorough functional review for both client-side and server-side applications.
  • Determine the security levels (low, medium, high) for each application vulnerability in relation with the deployed infrastructure.
  • Our qualified consultants hold knowledge in wide range of programming technologies that help to understand the application from business and security perspectives.
  • Improved application security architecture with the low-cost initiatives.
  • Comprehensive report with all activities, discovered risks, recommendations and mitigation procedures.


  • Thorough assessment to identify critical security issues missed by many traditional and automated testing processes.
  • A practical outlook of the security of your application by measuring potential impacts based on vulnerabilities.
  • Derive and educate your developers with the importance of best security practices.
  • Immediate highlights on specific application issues to be resolved before delivery.
  • Reduces the risk of financial loss, reputation or breach of application service contracts.
  • Increase security awareness among application developers and project managers by quantifying threats from external and internal view.
  • Industry comparable low-cost assessment service with absolute support and guidance.
  • Compliant with industry regulations and certifications (ISO 27001) if required.

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