IT Services Management

ie_serviceHTP Global Technologies have partnered with UK based Marval Group which has added new dimension to our existing set of practices to support IT and Service Professional across organisations to deliver service and operational excellence thru a single window solution.Marval’s MSM software delivers the ultimate combination of ITSM process automation, continual service improvement functionality, flexibility and scalability. It provides everything needed for a totally integrated service management solution that can be used by your whole organisation.With many years’ practical experience and knowledge from working with different types of organisation in the public and private sectors throughout the UK and globally, Marval is able to offer invaluable advice, guidance and assistance to match specific ITSM, ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000 consultancy needs.

Nmarval_logo“A fully integrated approach to ITSM”

Consultancy, Software and Education

HTP Global Technologies IT Services Management Practice offers.

    1). IT Services Management Software where in we provide;

    •  On Premise or SAAS model with Perpetual or Subscription based licensing
    •  Functionality and Process Support
    •  Implementation, Global Support and Maintenance
    •  Client – Server Based or Web Based Architecture
    •  Technical Overview

    2). IT Services Management Consultancy where in we provide;

    •  Strategic Consulting
    •  Management Consultancy
    •  ITIL Consultancy
    •  ISO/IEC 20000 Consultancy

    3). IT Services Management Education wherein we provide;

    •  IT Services Management Assessments
    •  ITSM/ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000 Briefings and Workshops
    •  ITSM Workshops
    • ITSM Accredited Trainings

    At HTP Global Technologies, we use “MARVAL”’s Integrated Service Management Software to support customers and ISO/IEC 20000 Quality Management Programme to international standards. MARVAL MSM – an ITIL® Gold Compliant, integrated service management software. [ ITIL®  is the registered trademark of the Cabinet Office, UK ]

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