Corporate Communications

Design & Development of Invitations Management Application for a Reputed International Automobile Manufacturer.

HTP Cyberline Solutions Private Limited Developed & Redesigned MERP of leading Pharmaceutical Lab Equipment Manufacturing Organisation leveraging the best practices in Manufacturing Vertical.


HTP Cyberline Solutions Private Limited Indigenously Developed and Designed Invitation Manager for Reputed Automobile Manufacturer’s Marketing Department thru which it can stay in touch with its Internal Teams across the country and keep sharing updates on a real time basis.

Client Description

Client is an reputed international automobile manufacturer, with operations across the globe.

Problem Statement

When we got this Project, the Issue was The Marketing Team had challenges reaching out to the Regional Teams on Various Promotional Schemes, Events & Invitations designed in the Market. Post announcements they also needed a mechanism by which they could get immediate feedback on the status of either Success or Failure of the Promotional Activity for reporting purposes.

Business Drivers and Objectives

HTP Cyberline Solutions was assigned the project to Plan, Design, Develop and Implement a custom designed solution for managing events as well as manage the invitees/attendees part to be included as a feature. This would include features such as quick registration, confirmation/decline links which had to be embedded in the email.

Other business drivers included factors like:

  • Easy to Maintain and Upgrade
  • Proper Access Controls And Easy User Interface
  • Easy Operations Controls in the Super Admin Panel For Creating New Events on a Fly
  • Multi Logins Creation Region Wise to assign details of the Promotion team wise for independent feedback from the regions
  • Bandwidth Scalability

Client’s marketing teams primary objective was to ensure that they are in continuous touch with their Regional Teams on a real time basis. They would be able to share all desired information to the Teams in a secure mode and take immediate feedback from the regional teams to suggest corrective action as required.

By Creating an Easy User Interface which was the primary need it would be easy to operate, have a similar look and feel across and the information availability could be changed and managed from time to time.

HTP Cyberline Solutions Approach

HTP Cyberline Solutions built a comprehensive admin module for creating/managing events, teams to manage invitee list for an event with a re-activation feature for delayed entrants as desired by the Client. We created an Solution which ensured that the concerned organisation gets 100% visibility on managing and comprehensively forecasting the success or failure of any event organised independently and could be utilized for Internal as well as External Customer of the organisation.

Solution Designed & Executed

  • The solution proposed was designed on VB .NET 2005 framework with MS SQL 2005 as Database
  • Super Admin Panel was created which could give Admin Rights Region Wise who in turn could create Regional Teams and Events for any activity to be carried region wise
  • CMS was created in the back end to manage and get all desired information accurately
  • Email Connector created

Benefits to Client

  • Managing Creative Services & Event Management
  • Contact Management
  • Manage and Event/ Invite Yourself without Intervention
  • Response Management & Update
  • Easily Customizable to the needs of the Organisation
  • Excellent TCO

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