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BCP /DR Solution

  • Clients : Amongst “Big 4″ consulting company of the world.
  • Challenge : Planned & Designed Business Continuity Cum Disaster Recovery Solution for 10 locations across India including online replication of data from 9 locations across India to 1 central data centre. The applications used were office files & lotus mails.
  • Solutions : Our technical team planned & designed the entire DR solution which included setting up the central side data centers. Replication of the office files from location to central side was done using storage-to-storage replication on EMC NAS & mail replication was done using Lotus Domino clustering technology. HP blade servers were used in a central side with HP tape libraries for back up.
  • Benefits : Customer could achieve 99.99% uptime.

Storage Fabrication Solution

  • Clients : Is amongst the largest private banks in Asia.
  • Challenge : To design, improve & enhance performance of existing Storage Networks.
  • Solutions : The ITSS team has designed & augmented their storage network performance by providing a Brocade 512-port Director Class Core Fiber Switch.
  • Benefits : Storage access time and overall performance improved considerably.

VoIP Solution over heterogeneous environments

  • Clients : Amongst the largest railway network in the world.
  • Challenge : Provide a unified voice communications network in the various buildings of rail station & provide single management console & interoperability for various existing PD-MUX’s installed of different makes.
  • Solutions : Designed & implemented a unified Voice network using NEC IP Exchanges for various offices and buildings at rail station. Designed and Implemented MROTEK’s cross connect chassis to connect various PD-MUX’s of different makes and developed interoperability for the same.
  • Benefits : Client could create single voice network for various offices at their railway stations & was able to create a single management console for its heterogeneous PD-MUX’s and create redundant paths in the network mesh.

Setting up a new communication centre

  • Clients : A Govt. Corporation setup to improve Rail Services in the Mumbai Metropolitan.
  • Challenge : The Corporation is setting up a new Railway Yard for train maintenance and needs to lay fiber along railway tracks & marshy land for setting up communication facilities in the new yard.
  • Solutions : HTP gave a solution for setting up a communication centre which includes installation of IPExchange, SDH-STM, PD-MUX, laying of fiber cable in trenches, fiber jointing & splicing. Scope of work includes seamless integration of data & voice on their network.
  • Benefits : Communication facilities will be established in the new yard improving railway services.

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