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HTP Cyberline Solutions Private Limited Designed & Developed a Comprehensive CV Database Manager for a leading Head Hunting Organisation.

Client Description

Client is a reputed Head Hunting Organisation based in Mumbai, Maharashtra providing man power recruitment services to some of the top Local & MNC Corporate Houses.

Problem Statement

The challenge posed by the Client was to move the entire database from Microsoft Excel to an Application which would be used by all the users as a repository to find the right match of candidates to the requests sent by the Clients across segments & verticals. Also in most cases the CV’s received by the Client used to get outdated with time, hence sometimes there were scenarios of old CV’s reaching out to customers as well as CV duplications issues coming up amongst the internal staff to identifying the Right Match to the requested requirement.

Business Drivers and Objectives

The Clients Business was growing substantially. In order to keep up with the pace of requirements they needed a solution through which they could get all the desired information from the Database Repository maintained by the organisation on the existing candidates by punching some key details basis like Experience, Qualification, Department etc at a click of a button. The designed application had to be fast & user friendly as well. The Repository had to be robust to manage multiple requests and give accurate data. It had to be Scalable basis the number of users & locations. Had to be cost effective & easily manageable with a good Return On Investment.

Clients Objective to achieve from this application was:

  • Information on who all accessed the Data Base and at what frequency.
  • Whether the Resource Pool on candidate availability was getting continuously updated and if there is any kind of duplication in the Database which needed to archived for future use?
  • All globally used combinations availability to get a right mix of candidates against the requirement as posed by the customer.
  • Lastly data information security is not compromised with.

Solution Designed & Executed

HTP Cyberline Solutions designed and developed CVMS (CV Management System) Solution. This was designed primarily on the lines of inventory management solution as its guiding code.

Goal of the Solution was to store candidate records and resumes as prebuilt inventory units. The solution was a web browser deployable system that could be hosted either within the company intranet server or could also be hosted online on the internet, using a shared or dedicated hosting environment.

Being a web browser accessible application, the solution overcame the major hurdle of being a platform dependent application, meaning the application did not need a ‘rich client’ to access its features.

The CVMS solution was designed and developed using the rules of the robust Object Oriented Programming paradigm which is not specific to the .NET framework. Moreover the solution was developed using the RAD – Rapid Application Development methodology and was neatly categorized into the presentation tier and the business tier which is again coherently coupled with the data tier, which makes it possible to support application feature customizations in an iterative and incremental approach.

HTP Cyberline Solutions CVMS Solution uses the scalable and highly robust SQL server 2005 Database management software from the Microsoft product stable and as such ensures security, scalability and robustness right out of the box.

Benefits to Client

  • Updated Data Availability at a click of a button
  • Design Reusability which could be deployed in the Other Environments (DMS Or Inventory Management).
  • Handling Multiple requests and delivery of the same simultaneously
  • Generation of MIS and EOD reports functionality
  • Integration with the local E Mail Server
  • Finance Appelet available that can be configured and customized as per requirement

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