Network Solutions

Conceptualize, design, plan, procure, Install & implement Network Solutions using

  • Passive components viz. Ethernet-Copper, Fiber optical cable & related accessories
  • Active components viz. SDH-STM, PD-MUX, L3, L2 switches, Wireless devices both – internal & external
  • Routers, IDS, Firewall & other internet security devices.

Our aim is to provide total solution that meets our customers’ exact needs in all areas of security.

  •  On the Perimeter Security we recommend Unified Threat Management Appliance from Fortinet which ASCI based Firewalls with VPN, Gateway AV, IDP, AS & Web Filtering capabilities.
  • AntiSpam & WebSecurity requirements of the customer, we partner with Symantec & McAfee.
  • For Endpoint Security we offer protection from Viruses partnering with leading Anti‐Virus and End Point Security vendors like Mcafee, Symantec & Trend Micro.
  • For Strong Authentication we recommend VASCO & RSA.

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